eCommerce website with Django and Stripe integration

Stripe integration

Basic Commands

Setting Up Your Users

  • To create a normal user account, just go to Sign Up and fill out the form. Once you submit it, you’ll see a “Verify Your E-mail Address” page. Go to your console to see a simulated email verification message. Copy the link into your browser. Now the user’s email should be verified and ready to go.
  • To create a superuser account, use this command:

Type checks

Running type checks with mypy:

$ mypy ecom

Test coverage

To run the tests, check your test coverage, and generate an HTML coverage report:

$ coverage run -m pytest
$ coverage html
$ open htmlcov/index.html

Running tests with pytest

$ pytest

Live reloading and Sass CSS compilation

Moved to Live reloading and SASS compilation.



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